Smart Security Systems

From door sensors to wireless cameras, having an Ionix Smart Security System means you can customise, monitor, and manage your security systems anywhere, at any time, from your smart phone or tablet. Essentially, an Ionix Smart Security System gives you total control of your security and makes it convenient and accessible to you, whenever you want to check in.

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Smarter Security Systems

With Ionix Smart Security Systems, you can access your entire system anytime, anywhere using your custom app on your smart phone or tablet. Your Smart Security app allows you to check in and control your security system while at home and on the go! If you forget to arm your security system before leaving, simply set the alarm from your app. Your Smart Security app also has a notifications feature, allowing you to set up reminders to arm or disarm your system at specific times.

Check the Status of Door, Window, and Motion Sensors

All of the equipment installed and connected to your security system are displayed on your Smart Security app. This allows you to ensure that each of the items are actively working to secure your home and receive notifications if a sensor is defective or a battery is low.

View Live Video from Your Cameras

With your Smart Security app, you can view live feeds from the cameras installed throughout your home including your doorbell camera. This feature allows you to check your cameras, from anywhere, if you receive a motion notification, a ring at your doorbell, or just for peace of mind.